Wednesday: 7 p.m.

Thursday:     9:30 a.m. & 7 p.m.

Friday:            9:30 a.m. & 7 p.m.

Saturday:      9:30 a.m.



Suggested “Bed and Bread” offering for accommodations is $50.

  • Accommodations at Engeltal on a first come, first served basis (bunk beds in dormitories upstairs). Lower bunks are limited and will be based on need and availability. Please bring bed linens (or sleeping bag) and towels. If you cannot carry them with you, they will be available for $5.00. Accommodations for married couples and those with disabilities are EXTREMELY LIMITED. Other local accommodations (motel, cabin, B&B) are available at your own expense. You will also need your own transportation. See



Flying In??

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO FLY, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT BEFORE READING THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. We have a very limited shuttle service. In order for you to be picked up, please fly into Little Rock (LIT) and arrive no later than 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 4. Arrange your departure times no earlier than 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 8. For further information and instructions for flying, please call Engeltal at 870-446-2252. Shuttle fees are $20.00 for a one way trip and $30.00 round trip.



Sons of God—Behind the Veil

An Open Vision by Clara Grace at a Kenneth E. Hagin Meeting in 1967:

I saw the Church lying down weak, and then I saw a veil. And behind the veil (this is the glory) and then up, to my right, there were faces coming through that veil. At first I could just see the imprint of the faces coming through.

The Holy Spirit would interpret it to me as I saw it, and He said, “The Spirit of just men made perfect pressing their way through.” Then I saw men and women on the earth who were mature Sons of God … there is such a thing as mature sons of God, and that the earth is crying for their manifestation, and His Presence in them.

I saw mature sons of God, men and women, even children, who are mature. I saw them on the earth and they were going behind the veil to where the Glory was, and they weren’t dying to get there. They were getting of the glory and they were bringing it out, and they were ministering it to the body.

Those spirits of just men made perfect were pressing their way through, and they, too, were bringing with them the Glory. I saw the two amalgamate like a cloud of Glory.

I do not know if they were aware of each other. I do not know if those from earth knew of those from heaven, but they both were amalgamated in a cloud of glory, but they ministered that glory to the Church, and the Church began to stretch, and its feeble knees were strengthened, and its arms were strengthened, and it stood up on its feet and it was filled with the glory of the Lord.


It’s time for us to rise up as the mature sons of God!


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