September 2-5, 2020

Don’t miss this special event on God’s calendar! Those with hearts to follow the Holy Spirit will want to grow up in God into maturity. He leads us to “partake of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4) as we allow Him to live His life in us day by day.

You will be blessed by the challenge to walk more closely with the Lord by the ministries of Bobby Conner and Etienne Blom as they preach, teach, and prophesy in this event. Join us at the Glory Tabernacle on Highway 7, five miles south of Jasper, Arkansas.

Dorm style accommodations will be available in Engeltal for individuals and we have some rooms for couples. Watch this webpage for registration information to come later.

Area accommodations may be found at Click on “Businesses” then “Where to sleep.”

For almost five decades, Bobby Conner has been ministering around the world as a seasoned prophet of God. Bobby is uniquely anointed with a profound, passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a fervent desire to discern and herald God’s voice to prepare the Lamb’s Bride to establish the Kingdom of God. Specifically, Bobby is called to sound the alarm and awaken the warriors to arise and contend for the true faith.

Bobby’s prophetic words—life-changing encouragement and exhortation for individuals, churches, regions, and nations—are documented world-over for their precision, accuracy, humor and transformational power. Supernatural demonstrations of the miraculous, including physical and emotional healings, deliverance, signs, and wonders, follow Bobby’s prophetic ministry wherever he goes, revealing the loving heart of our Father God, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, and establishing believers in their destiny, gifting’s and identity.

Having survived a failed abortion attempt and rescued by the hand of God from drug dealing and suicide, Bobby Conner lives in close, abiding intimacy with the Spirit of God and follows heaven’s mandate to set the captives free by imparting anointed revelation to the Body of Christ. Bobby is beloved throughout the world. He is honored not only for his extreme sensitivity to the Holy Spirit but also for his vast knowledge of Scriptures. Bobby’s messages are comprised almost exclusively of Bible verses, explicated with fresh revelation—a “now” Word from God—and with a depth of wisdom and insight resulting from decades of study and friendship with God.

You will enjoy his many stories from his walk with God.

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Etienne Blom is called in the office of a prophet and is internationally ordained as a pastor. He flows in all the areas of the 5-fold ministry and specializes in the prophetic.

He is married to Hettie, a ordained pastor,and they have two sons, Morné and André who are in ministry as well. They live in the beautiful student town of Stellenbosch, near Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa. Etienne leads Kingdom Fire Ministries and Shammah Church.

Etienne sees and hears clearly in the spiritual realm and has regular heavenly experiences. God uses him powerfully in deliverance, in healing and to bring life changing prophecies to groups and individuals all over the world.

You will be blessed by the depth of the truths that he shares from the Word of God and from his experiences of visiting Heaven.

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