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“‘You have a Jewish name!’ A Messianic Jew Tells her Story of Persecution in Romania” is a painful yet sometimes humorous account of my life as a believer, from my first days at school to my expulsion from the university for my “unhealthy origin.” The book describes different aspects of my persecution by the communist secret police, including my imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital. It shows the comfort I received from my father and the strong faith he imparted to me. I wrote this book so that the generations to come will never forget what many believers endured during the Ceauºescu dictatorship. It is a reminder that the God of Israel is able to make something beautiful out of suffering. Teenagers and adults alike will benefit from reading this book. The main theme is the faithfulness of the Lord in hard times.

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This true story of a brave and courageous Jewish girl in communist Romania will move you to tears. It is a perfect example of how to live a martyr’s life in the midst of great suffering and persecution. I had the privilege of meeting Genovieva in Jerusalem, when I spoke one night at the Feast of Tabernacles Celebration, administered by the Christian Embassy. I now have the honor of endorsing her book. I would encourage you to read it and put it in the hands of our young people. We have taught our children how to live for Christ; but the time has come for us to teach them how to suffer and die for Him. Gwen R. Shaw Founder and President of End-Time Handmaidens

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