When Songs are Forbidden


When Songs Are Forbidden tells the story of a Christian children’s choir in Romania during the cruel and atheistic dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. Genovieva Sfatcu Beattie shares her involvement with the choir as it’s founder and director. Filled with adventure, faith, humor and prayer, her stories will inspire you to be faithful through difficulty.

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When Songs are Forbidden: the True Story of a Children?’s Choir in Romania is about a famous children?’s choir I started which dared to sing praises to God during the cruel dictatorship of Nicolae Ceau escu. Part One describes how I grow up in a poor family and suffer persecution at school. I have many troubles and am later expelled from the university for my testimony. I live in semi-hiding in a church for seven years and there I listen to foreign broadcasts by night and compose words to the tunes. They become children?’s songs and spread like fire at a time when writing Christian songs is a crime. In Part Two the reader meets the children in the choir as we travel all over the country, singing forbidden songs in praise of the God of the Bible. We have many adventures together and the Lord often turns trouble into laughter. The children shine for the Lord as they tell their own stories of courage in face of persecution. As the leader of the choir, my life is in danger from the secret police. The Lord uses Jimmy Carter to rescue me from Romania and I receive political asylum in the United States. This book will inspire Christian children and teenagers everywhere to serve the Lord.

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