What on earth is Glory?


This unusual book unveils the sum total of God s attributes His glory but shows you, in a readable and practical way, how to bring glory to God in your own life here on Earth. This book should teach you to be more like Jesus and make you want to bring more glory to Him. —- R. T. Kendall, Former Minister, Westminster Chapel

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Ever since the days of Moses, mystics have peered into the inexpressible realm of glory. Like a photographer aiming a telephoto lens at something in the distance that is difficult to make out, they tediously dial the bezel of the camera to bring it into focus. The journey of Paul Manwaring is one that brings the seemingly surreal properties of the glory of God into sharp focus. He has taken the profound elements of the glory and enabled us to grasp them for practical application. When you have read the last word of the last chapter, you will walk away not just informed, but transformed. –Randall Worley, PhD, Headwaters Ministries

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