The Passion-Song of Songs-Divine Romance


Be prepared to see yourself in this journey and to hear His lyrics of love sung over you. Invest the time to simply read this through in one sitting. Then go back through slowly and carefully as you ponder each verse and pray through each love-principle revealed in this translation. You may be shocked to read some of the things spoken over your life, almost too good to be true!

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The inspired Song of Songs is a work of art. It is a melody sung from the heart of Jesus Christ for His longing Bride. It is full of symbols, subtle art forms, and nuances that the translator must convey in order to bring it forth adequately to the English reader. Some of the cultural symbols that conveyed rich texture of poetic meaning to the Hebrew speaker nearly 3000 years ago have become almost impossible to leave in its literal form, since the English speaker of today has little or no connection to those symbols. This dynamic-equivalent translation conveys the meaning, not just the words, in a form that many will find refreshing. This meant that much of the hidden meanings locked into the Hebrew text must be disclosed and made explicit.

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