The Bride


The Bride (3rd Edition, with 100 new pages) by Rhonda Calhoun is a fascinating and life-changing allegory based on the Song of Solomon. You will enjoy the journey with a young shepherdess as the King of kings wins her heart and reveals his glorious character. This book will delight your heart and create a greater desire to know and be known by your Bridegroom King. ‘The Bride’ is easy to read for ages 12 and up.

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This review is from: The Bride: An Allegory Based on the Song of Solomon 3rd Edition— I absolutely loved this book! It has helped me to gain a better understanding of the Bridegroom God and my identity as a lover of Him. In this allegory of the Song of Solomon, we see the Shepherd Girl (representing us, the church) grow in maturity; she is an example of how God’s love develops us and how His passion for us fuels our pursuit of Him. The book moved me to tears several times, as the depth of God’s love and care became real and almost tangible to me. Rhonda expertly portrays Comforter (the Holy Spirit) as ever near, ever encouraging and lovingly pointing us to the Father and the Son.

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