Study Syllabus of the Book of Ezekiel

This study booklet, with outlines and comments by Dr. Billye Brim highlighting key passages of each chapter of The Book of Ezekiel, will bring light and understanding to this often misunderstood book of the Bible.


We are living in what the original Hebrew text of the Bible calls “the end of days.” The King James Version translates the phrase as “the latter days.” The Bible declares that there is a God-given light of revelation that shines upon the unknown—illuminating the darkness of these days and the days to come. This light is written down for us, primarily in the Books of the Old Testament Prophets. We are advised to “take heed unto them.” For they are “a light that shineth” in the dark places of what is now past to us, and of the present, and the future. Yechezkel, Ezekiel, is one of the most enlightening of those Books of the Prophets. In it you will find brilliant light on these days and the days to come. And you will see a revelation of the Shechinah Glory you may never have seen.

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