Real Men Don’t Abandon Their Responsibilities


The fruits of reading this book will be personal understanding and growth in your own psyche while gaining a thorough understanding of why others as well are fraught with self-defeating behaviors, perversions of conscience, and pathological choices which personally and socially corrupt our lives.

Be ready to have your eyes opened, your will challenged and your emotions refreshed by a very practical and sober read that cuts to the heart of insanity and maturity in the human psyche.

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Dr. Voth establishes the supreme importance of a strong family with distinctively strong males and females as parents. He demonstrates this through excellent case examples which compare and contrast strong fathers with weak mothers, strong mothers with weak fathers, weak mothers and fathers, as well as strong mothers and fathers. Using only the tools of his psychiatric training, he thoroughly outlines the effects of weak family structures on the demise of American culture. He explains how weak family structures influence career choices, money managment, social skills, work ethics and gender affinities into next generations. Anyone working in a mentoring role of any type should read this book. It is thorough, constructive, comprehensive and professional while clearly coming from a person who has modeled the excellent family values he promotes in the book.

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