Raising Them Chaste


A practical strategy for supporting your teen’s commitment to remain chaste until marriage.Offers parents a practical strategy for supporting their teens commitment to remain chaste until marriage. The key being, communication, talking is central.

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This review is from: Raising Them Chaste: A Practical Strategy for Helping Your Teen Wait Till Marriage… This book is an outstanding resource for parents, counselors, pastors, or anyone who works with parents and youth. I first read, “Raising them Chaste” seven years ago and it is an often used reference because it is outstanding in both form and substance. Our world has reached a place where Abstinence has been redefined as anything but intercourse. Parents and teens aren’t talking about the intricacies and intimacies of young life. This lack of communication leaves organizations like Planned Parenthood and Hollywood in the role of educator in the vital areas of relationships, marriage, sexuality, moral values, STD’s, the role of spirituality and responsible behavior.

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