Prophetic Fall of the Islamic, The


In the Prophetic Fall of the Islamic regime, Glenn Miller reveals the strategies of a God of War. Speed up your understanding of what is about to happen as the enemies of God are confronted by the revelation of His covenant plan for the earth.

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Author Glenn Miller is a master at weighing world events on God’s scales. The results are both frightening and sobering. By providing a dynamic commentary of unfolding events in the Middle East, the reader is made aware of what God is about to do in the human race and the nations of the world. The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime is a desperately needed word for the Church as it seeks to understand current events from Godrs”s perspective. It is essential that Christians properly understand the purpose that was accomplished when Christ came to the earth. In The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime Glenn Miller shows that while Jesus came to demonstrate Godrs”s loving, merciful character, it did not change His nature as the Mighty Man of War, who is involved in the fight between good and evil. The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime is a “now word” for anyone looking for godly insight into terrorism, conflicts, and the deception of a false god. In true prophetic fashion, Miller penned a work that must result in souls beginning to hunger for the true God in the face of mass deception. No other book in the Christian marketplace gives such insight concerning Godrs”s prophetic voice to the nationshellip; About the author: Prophet Glenn Millerrs”s messages have captivated and edified the body of Christ since 1973. He travels extensively, sharing his message and changing lives. An ordained minister and board member of many major ministry groups, Glenn is the founder of Lionrs”s Share Ministries. He and his wife, Sherilyn, have four children and live in Pensacola, Florida. Pastor Roger Loomis has served churches in North Carolina, Alabama, and Ohio since 1978. A recognized author and editor, Roger and his wife, Lori, currently pastor Cross Community Church in Elyria, Ohio. They have four children and two grandchildren.

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