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“Amazing grace” We sing about it and praise it, but what is it? This anointed and inspiring book will enlighten and encourage the reader with an enlarged understanding of God’s manifold grace. “The Power of Grace” presents a balanced teaching on the subject of grace as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. In an age when there is much fear and much uncertainty about the future, the reader’s faith is directed to the God of Love, who through the gift of His very own Son, Jesus, has made provision for us to be fully accepted by Him. One is assured of Heaven if he turns from himself and what he can do and by faith receives what God has already done in Christ Jesus. God gave His Son as the sacrifice for our sins. Man’s part is to believe and receive. The One Who reconciled us to Himself is also able to keep us. His grace is sufficient for every trial, every circumstance, every need, and every divine assignment. Through grace God has provided all that we need to finish our course- that we may be to the praise of the glory of His grace.

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The outline that forms the basis for this teaching on grace was given to me by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. I have taught it on numerous occasions. Through the years I have noted with sadness a general neglect in the church of an emphasis on the meaning of grace and also the very limited context with which grace is viewed. Whenever I hear someone speak of “easy grace” or “cheap grace” my heart is pained because I know, as they do, that that is not the true grace taught in the Scriptures. For these reasons I felt compelled to write this book on grace, the very essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our study will be confined, for the most part, to the New Testament scriptures. Practical and experimental, this study was written by one who knows by experience God’s all-sufficient grace. Many are seeking truth in these days of shaking. My deep desire is that many will discover the saving grace and sufficiency of the God of all grace.

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