Pharmakeia, A Hidden Assassin


Within these pages, you will read things you never imagined to be true. You will get to know the real purposes behind the great drug companies and their spiritual undercurrents. You will understand the origin of sickness, how to destroy it in the power of Jesus Christ, how to break the bonds of Pharmakeia and the structure that is has built in your mind and in your body to kill you.

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12 million people die every year in the western society due to side effects of correctly prescribed medications. The pharmaceutical companies are a trillion dollar industry that promotes sickness and not health, to make money. Never in history has society been as sick as it is today. The consumption of medicine has increased from 2 pills per person in 1950 to 18 pills in 2009. Death due to medications is 10 times greater than that caused by illegal drugs. 30% of people that are hospitalized are due to side effects of medicine. In this book I unmask what I consider to be one of the greatest adversaries of this century, the spirit of Pharmakeia. This spirit controls the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Millions of people are captive, believing that the answers to their sickness are found in medication.

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