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The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha is an interesting translation, that, at first, is difficult to read, yet plunges the reader into hebrew/yiddish terminology. Much of it is very illustrative of the Judaic background of the New Testament, while some words are derived from later Jewish culture. If you are a Chassidic Jew who has reclaimed Yeshua has his Messiah, then this translation is tailored for you. If you are a Christian who wants to plunge into the world of Messianic Judaism, this is the diving board.

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Since the Brit Chadasha in Yirmeyeh 31:31-34 was given to Orthodox Jews (the passage is found in the Hebrew Bible, is it not?), and since most Orthodox Jews are in New York City, particularly Brooklyn it seems, then it surely must also be appropriate to make available a translation of the Brit Chadasha from the best original manuscripts in language devoid of goyishe (and non-frum) style. The following is a passage from this new translation, specifically from “The Besuras haGeulah According to Mattityahu (Matthew)” chp 28:19-20, and is illustrative of what we at AFII are doing and what we believe:

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