Messiah War in the Middle East


Startling biblical prophecies declare that our world is on the road to Armageddon and the return of the Messiah

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After exhaustive study of scriptures and of new archaeological discoveries, Grant R. Jeffrey has come to the inevitable conclusion that our day of reckoning is near. The biblical evidence is clear: as the year 2000 approaches, mankind hurtles toward a final appointment with destiny. In this startling book Jeffrey details his remarkable findings: The war in the Persian Gulf signals the fated rise of a New Babylon. Collapse of the Soviet Union will lead to anarchy and a dangerous power vacuum in Russia. The Fourth Reich, kingdom of the Antichrist, will explode across a united Europe. Israel and Islam are already preparing for the coming of the Messiah. They story behind the secret tunnels, treasures, and truths hidden deep within Solomon’s temple. And much more. Is the impending cataclysm the culmination of God’s plan? The answer is contained within these incredible prophecies, which demonstrate that at this very hour we are in a countdown to Armageddon. Through his extensive research Grant R. Jeffrey has revealed God’s promise at work in our world–and it points just beyond the horizon, to a choice we must make: between a terrifying darkness and a new dawn, the coming of the…Messiah.

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