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A book for those who enjoy Rabbinical writings. You will glean truths from the Hebrew and Jewish tradition and history that will give you a greater understanding of Scripture

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“Rabbi David Stavsky is absolutely unique among darshonim today. As few others, he is able to illumine contemporary reality with its irrepressible challenges to us as Jews and humans with the light of Torah, whose intruding agelessness is powerfully and inimitably demonstrated with his hand and glistens with sure and consistent brilliance in the remarkable message he brings to his people. Particularly noteworthy is the altogether creative total holiday theme format he very nearly invented all by himself, perfected to a high art. Picking an event or subject that has emerged large in the year past, he constructs about it an incredibly discreet and encompassing cycle of sermons stretching over the entire holiday. He brings to bear a splendid and altogether unusual melding, wide erudition and down-to-earth savvy, which gives uncommon directness and force to whatever he says and which has long been the genuine admiration of colleague and peer.”

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