High and Lifted Up


Raised on a farm in rural North Carolina, Jane Lowder gave her heart to Christ at an early age and felt called to His work. But tragedy struck her sharecropper family, and the resulting circumstances pressed her into many years of seemingly fruitless labor and personal suffering … until she was at the point of despair and possible death. Then she began to see visions of Jesus on a regular basis, and her life was turned around. Not long afterward, she joined a group of men and women who were preparing to dedicate their lives to carrying the Gospel to the nations, and she was suddenly launched into a remarkable world of fasting and prayer and believing God for miracles.

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When the last remaining child of the founding family of the ministry she had joined went home to her reward, Jane was named as her designated successor. Suddenly, Jane found herself in charge of a worldwide ministry. Here is the amazing story in print for the first time!

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