Here I am the one you Love


“Here I Am the One You Love”, takes you gently through a supernatural day in the life of a child living the normal Christian life. The author leads the reader with scriptural principles that are mature but easily grasped by children. It is the desire of the author to portray how you are completely loved by God, and practicing His Presence is the natural way to live out our life. Topics: God’s love for you, forgiveness, repeating God’s Word until it becomes a part of you, agreeing with God and His Word, dreams, visions, sensing God’s Presence, and hearing God’s heart for yourself. The prevailing theme of “Here I Am the One You Love,” is to remind you of how deeply you are loved by God and that you are never too old to be His child.

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This beautifully illustrated hardback is suitable for all ages and talks about Jesus’ unfathomable love and care for us every day.

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