God’s Passion for His Glory


If you are wondering where the foundation of John Piper’s God-centered theology may be found, this book is a good starting point. In it, Piper reintroduces a theological masterpiece that is almost three hundred years old – “The End for which God Created the World” by the New England Puritan pastor, Jonathan Edwards.

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Pastor John Piper has devoted his years of ministry to exploringthe implications of this stunning truth for life and ministry.Understanding that God is most glorified in us when we are mostsatisfied in him has made all the difference for John Piper-and cantransform your life as well. Here Piper passionately demonstrates the relevance of Edwards’sideals for the personal and public lives of Christians todaythrough his own book-length introduction to Edwards’s The Endfor Which God Created the World. This book also contains thecomplete essay supplemented by almost a hundred of Piper’sinsightful explanatory notes. The result is a powerful andpersuasive presentation of the things that matter most in the Christian life. In his essay The End for Which God Created the World, the great theologian Jonathan Edwards proclaimed that God’sultimate end is the manifestation of his glory in the highesthappiness of his creatures.

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