God’s Word to Women


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This is an excellent study for everyone, whether you are interested in the place of women in the church, Jewish or other ancient cultures, Greek or Hebrew exegesis, or church history. The book may look uninviting at first because of the type, but it has paragraph headings and a terrific index that enables you to dip into it anywhere your curiosity leads, and hook you into reading the whole thing.

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From Genesis to Revelation, Katharine C. Bushnell provides a thorough exposition of every Bible passage that touches on women. As a scholar of Hebrew and Greek, she studies the passages in their original languages and in their historical context, discovering insights sometimes obscured by Bible translators. The book emerged from Bushnell’s lifetime of working for social reform on behalf of women, in which she observed correlations between the status of women and misunderstandings of Scripture. Scholars have leaned on her groundbreaking work since its first publication in 1921, deeming it one of the best, whole-Bible approaches to the question of women’s role in the church and home.

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