Fear Not


First-Born Blessings upon Ishmael is a plea for realization of how abundantly the Lord God of Israel has blessed the Arab! Hopefully coaxing Ishmael into a new respect and gratitude for the One who has so blessed him and his heritage! The Fear of the Lord and The Wrath of God are must-reads for what is taking place today world-wide! Thought-filled poetry should awaken many! What is Israels birthright?

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Who does this tiny piece of real estate really belong to? Jews, Arabs and Christians alike are disillusioned and have been misled concerning this ancient nation! Outright fabrications have been made by those who areand are notignorant of historical facts. The result: grievous misunderstandings, to the truth of exactly what belongs to whom and why. Primary historical facts rather than supposition should bring tothose seeking truththought-out basic attitudes and responses to such! Essential changes must be put into action! It is time to realize the truth of the despicable forlorn empty cursed malarial swamps and treeless wasteland that Israel had become under 400 years of Turkish Ottoman controland who it was with work and sweat and shed blood that restored Israel to what she has become! It is time for the worlds governments and people groups to come together in dignity and justice to honor these truths and to join in the work of restoration of their inheritance unto the rightful heirs!

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