Extreme Devotion Devotional, Voice of the Martyrs


By the coauthor of the best-selling book Jesus Freaks, this daily devotional features hundreds of stories of ancient to modern day believers–many of whose stories are published here for the first time–who sacrificed everything for Christ. Each true account concludes with a life application and a Bible verse to challenge you to live out your own extreme devotion.

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Over and over as you read this book, you are challenged. As I read each day’s devotional I see an example of incredible, sacrificial faith in Jesus Christ. And each day I am pushed to ask myself: do I have that kind of faith? What a challenge! And the stories are incredible and well told. I was struck by the variety of people who have faced the ultimate questions and answered firmly by following Christ’s call to take up our crosses. Each day’s reading features a story of a Christian, an application thought, and a scripture verse. The Voice of the Martyrs has done a great job of presenting this material in a challenging way. I especially like it that the days are numbered, instead of dated, so that you can easily start using this devotional any day of the year. That makes it a practical purchase or gift any time of year, not just around January 1. Great book! Great challenge! Don’t pick it up unless you’re willing to face tough questions and have your life and faith changed.

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