Demons – An Eye Witness Account


When he died, God allowed him to visit the abode of demons and return to expose them.

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The contents of this book was given to me first via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit along with the things shown me when in tour of the spirit world. Each point or fact had to be researched to make sure it was supported by the Bible. Then each item of current events had to be substantiated with physical evidence. As a result I can truly say that this is a book of fact and not of fiction! It is certain that Satan thought he could destroy the worlds last hope (The United States) via the horrible crime of abortion. Oh how close he has come to doing just that. No other crime or sins of the American people could do more to bring the wrath of God down on our nation than this one thing. It just may be that we still have a little time left to correct these great wrongs. If we do, it is only a little. So while we still can, let’s work Christians, to correct this great wrong! TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER!

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