Christian Set Yourself Free


This bestselling book is written from personal experience and shows how a Christian can become free from demonic oppression through personal praying and the application of biblical truth. Christian Set Yourself Free is being used worldwide as a balanced and practical teaching resource for the Body of Christ. It has helped many to become free in areas which previously seemed impossible.

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This review is from: Christian, Set Yourself…I read this book six years ago during a difficult time in my life. Through a dilligent study and a steady application of the principles in this book, my life was radically changed. The scripturally based teaching on the problems for which deliverance is helpful, and the emphasis on the fact that most Christains can indeed obtain self-deliverance over a period of time was the key for me. I keep a copy of this book in my home at all times, and have given copies to others who are facing struggles calling for deliverance in their own lives.

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