Can These Bones Live?


This book will thrill all those who have a love for Israel. This awesome little book covers the revival among Israeli Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) in the late 1960’s.

After the Six Day War in 1967, God steadily begin to work among Believers, Christian and Messianic, Jewish and Gentile, Protestant and Roman Catholic, within Israel for revival.

While the claim these days is of approximately 10,000 Messianic Jews in Israel, this is the story of the beginning of that revival, when only a few Believers (Jewish and Gentile) lived in the Land of Israel.

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As only an eyewitness can, Chandler Lanier, using the testimonies of manyothers involved, relates the coming of spiritual rains to the parched and thristy lands of modern-day Israel. He tells of the roots of the Renewal, its early rains, the arrival of the tillers, the gifts brought by the Renwal, how the Renewal affected Jews, Arabs, and expatriates alike, its affect on both Protestands and Catholics, the new music birthed by the Renewal, the mass meetings that resulted and the miracles God did in them. He also shares the personal accounts of many young people transformed by the Renewal. Finally, although he does speak of “some storm clouds on the horizon.”, Chandler Lanier also speaks of “continuing latter rains” in the land of the Bible.

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