Burning of a Strange Fire, The


A former Mormon elder reveals the most successful deception in Christian history.

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The Burning of a Strange Fire: Forty Years in Mormonism. This review is from: The Burning of a Strange Fire: Forty Years in Mormonism (Paperback) I am currently reading this book entitled “The Burning of a Strange Fire.” This Author has truly done some major research! This book is a must read for anyone who wants to know the origin of the Mormon Religion. What we hear is one thing, then there are the true documented FACTS. After reading this book, you will not be led down the road of deception any longer. It is truly amazing what some people will do to become rich and gain a position in this life of Fame, Fortune and Status no matter what damage it does to others or their families. I cannot stress the importance of reading this book. If you value your Eternal Life with Jesus Christ, this book is a must read. The knowledge we all gain from it may save your own eternal life, not to mention several of our loved ones.

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