End-Time Handmaidens and Servants are a company of committed, Holy Spirit-Filled Believers in Jesus Christ with a vision for the nations, dedicated to prayer and fasting for building the Kingdom of God.


“Impact, Revolution, Transformation!”
A Prophetic Word for the World Convention by Rona Spiropoulos

June 14, 2018

In the worship (during Engeltal devotions), I kept hearing “Impact, Revolution, Transformation!” This is more than a convention. We are mandated during this convention to come into this being in and upon our lives, that when we go to a nation, we don’t just go and preach to tickle people’s ears with good teaching. We go there with impact, and cause a revolution in the spirit, and bring transformation! As we go through this convention, it’s a matter of praying this into being through the convention, looking for it as a mandate and looking for it as something that we’re going to bring down from Heaven to Earth – that our lives are going to be those lives that are going to cause impact and revolution and transformation, so that there’s reformation in nations, and not just a wonderful visitation of some people that came and had great meetings, but the people go back to what they were before they came.

The Lord says, “The impact has got to be life-changing!” That we’re moving from one realm and one dimension into another dimension in this convention, that when we go out we take dimensional change and a changing of realms, so that even the governments of nations are impacted to change and begin to face the glory that God wants to pour out on every nation. That leaders of nations will be changed, and governments will come down, and the government of the Son of God, the government of the Most High God will be set in place for reformation in a nation!

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